Meet Your Agent!

Meet Your Agent!

Mena Abraham is our Land Sales Consultant at Virginia Grove who has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to help make securing the block of your dreams easy and stress-free. We asked Mena a rapid-fire round of questions including his top tips on buying land – details below!



How long have you been working in the industry? Over 8 years. I’ve worked as a property investment consultant, real estate sales consultant, property manager and off the plan sales consultant.


What do you love most about your job? I love helping people find with the right land that would fit their dream home design.


Joined Lanser in: 2021


Why did you choose to work with Lanser? Lanser is one of the best and most ethical land developers in SA, in my opinion. Amazing people to be around and great leadership team.

Best tips for buying land? Always get a second opinion when trying to borrow. 


I grew up in: Sydney


If you had your own talk show, your first three guests would be: Elon Musk, Andrew Huberman  and Peter Attia


If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life: Margherita Pizza with extra chilli flakes


Bucket list items: Run a marathon, travel all around Japan, learn Spanish


Hobbies? Soccer, hiking and traveling


Text or call? Both


Online or instore? Online


Winter or Summer? Winter, I love the cold. I never use hot water and take a cold shower everyday.


Dogs or cats? Dogs


What do you love most about Virginia Grove? I love how well designed Virginia Grove is and how quite and peaceful it feels everytime I go there. Also, that’s the same thing I hear from our residents!


Why is it important to have an experienced agent? An experienced agent knows how to get a deal done and how to do it well while offering an exceptional consumer experience putting purchasers and vendors needs ahead of his own and continuing to add value to both parties after the sale is over. Also, an experienced agent has a great knowledge of the area he/she sells in.


To find out more about land at Virginia Grove, or even just to debate cats vs dogs, you can give Mena a call on 0472 509 683.